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       Evelyne’s Collection


Phone: 310-487-1452

Email: info@EvelynesCollection.com



     “I am completely, and utterly obsessed with Evelyn’s Collection.  I have considerable trouble walking away without buying the entire collection.  The signature pieces are classic and seamlessly filters into everything I own from cocktail dresses to jeans and a t-shirt.  Also, the jewelry is of amazing quality and craftsmanship.   A great bonus is having Evelyn’s discerning eye hand pick or create a one of a kind look for you.  Merci Evelyne!”

Michele Estebo

"A spectacularly diverse collection of beautifully handmade pieces to suit all personalities.

Evelyne really knows how to read a person and get to know them to determine what looks good with their skin tone and sense of style. I just adore my fresh water pearl earrings, necklace and bracelet. I had originally bought the earrings and necklace and loved them so much that i had to go back to get her to make me a matching bracelet. There are so many pieces that Evelyne creates that I would just love to have. I will certainly be back to purchase more and more. Evelyne is now my #1 go to person for jewelry."   


Jean O'Loughlin

     “I have had the great pleasure of buying beautiful designed jewelry items from the Evelyne's Collection on several occasions over the past year or so. Usually, I call Evelyne in a sort of panic a week or so before I am to travel or offer a gift and on many occasions, several gifts at one time. My wish list often very confused and disorganized, yet after a few minutes with this charming jewelry artist, we find all of the solutions to my challenging and stressful dilemma.  The best part is that I get to receive the benefits and the praise from the delighted recipients.  It does not get any better or easier than this when faced with a gift purchase. I am very pleased to document my appreciation and support of Evelyne's tremendously creative jewelry collection.”


Bernard Belliveau